The Local is an independent magazine exploring urban health and social issues in Toronto. We take a data-driven, yet authentically human approach to storytelling on pressing issues facing the city, from poverty and homelessness, to mental health, aging, and food insecurity.

The Local is unabashedly Toronto , reporting from corners of the city that are too often ignored or misunderstood. We aim to fill a role that traditional media neglects — turning complex policy issues into compelling narratives, and addressing problems that are pressing and ongoing, even if they don’t have a news hook. As an online magazine, The Local fully embraces the digital medium to experiment with different multimedia formats not possible through print. The Local was a winner of two Canadian Online Publishing Awards in 2018.


Editor-in-Chief: Tai Huynh
Senior Editor: Jen Recknagel
Features Editor: Nicholas Hune-Brown
Associate Editor: Craig Madho

Board of Directors

Chair: Chris Ellis
Directors: Howard Abrams, Adriana Beemans, Adrienne Clarke, Nora Gorman, Julia Howell, Kwame McKenzie, Pauline Pariser
Ex-Officio: Tai Huynh


The Local receives valued financial support from Wellesley Institute, YMCA of Greater Toronto, United Way of Greater Toronto, Toronto Foundation, and Metcalf Foundation. Prior to being spun off as an independent not-for-profit in 2019, The Local was a storytelling project at UHN OpenLab where it received financial support from the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network and Ben & Hilda Katz Foundation. These supporters, past and present, are vital to keeping The Local operating as an ad- and paywall-free non-profit magazine.

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