Photography by Rodrigo Moreno

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Editorial by Tai Huynh

Welcome to Lawrence Heights

The future of Toronto as an equitable, liveable city begins in inner suburbs like this.

Feature by Aparita Bhandari

How it Feels to Be “Revitalized”

A revitalization project promises to transform this public housing community into a mixed-income neighbourhood. But meeting the needs of existing residents while appealing to affluent newcomers is a difficult balance.

Feature by Sarah Boesveld photography by Rodrigo Moreno

The Picture Man

Thirty years ago, Rodrigo Moreno photographed neighbourhood kids for a school project. He's come back ever since, tracing the changing lives of people in a corner of the city few find worthy of documenting.

Feature by Phillip Dwight Morgan

Why a Health Centre Started Teaching Algebra

Pathways to Education's unconventional approach to community health starts with helping kids finish high school.

Feature by Shawn Micallef

Where the Spadina Expressway Didn’t Stop

Defeating the Spadina Expressway is a celebrated story of urban resistance. Less told is the story of the neighbourhood that has lived with a freeway running through its heart for the last fifty years.

Feature by Nicholas Hune-Brown

The Toronto Basketball Powerhouse Nobody’s Ever Heard Of

The kids don’t get free sneakers. The team has to haggle for gym time. The coaches are unpaid. So what makes Toronto Basketball Academy so good?

Feature by Aparita Bhandari

On the Food Bank Frontlines

With demand skyrocketing, distribution sites closed, and volunteers staying home, food banks are scrambling to keep Toronto fed.

Illustration by Mary Kirkpatrick

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Editorial by The Local

Health, Incarcerated

How the prison system became a ramshackle, underfunded wing of the health care system.

Feature by Alison Motluk

Elderly, Confused, and Under Arrest

As more and more seniors with dementia become entangled with the law, how can the justice system adapt?

Feature by Simon Lewsen

Not Criminally Responsible

Were last summer’s high-profile disappearances from CAMH signs of a broken program—or a complex system working as it should?

Feature by Hadiya Roderique

Why Are Most People in Prison Unconvicted?

Even as the rate of convicted offenders drops, the number of people in detention awaiting trial keeps growing. The uncertain, boring, brutal reality of life on remand.

Local voice by Mark Zammit

Letters from the Inside

For a time, I was the only openly gay man in my prison. Then I met a trans woman and we started our own LGBTQ2 support group.

Short film by Kalli Anderson and Eiril Linge & Beth Madeley

Visiting Day

An animated documentary about one teenager’s journey to visit her dad in prison.

Illustration by Gina Park

In this issue

Editorial by Tai Huynh

The Games We Play

Active leisure is more important than ever, so why are we making it so hard to just go out and play?

Photo essay by Shawn Micallef

The Swimmer

Our intrepid beach correspondent swims his way across the city over one week to answer the question: what is Toronto beach culture?

Feature by Nicholas Hune-Brown

Children’s Village Forever

Ontario Place designer Eric McMillan invented the ball pit, built the epicentre of kid-life for a generation of Torontonians and, for a brief moment, promised to revolutionize the way we play.

Feature by Simon Lewsen with photography by Chloë Ellingson

Battle at Rowntree Mills

When the parking lot gates were shut ten years ago, Rowntree Mills Park became an urban wilderness. The fight to reopen it has divided a community and raises the question: how public is a public park?

Feature by Matthew Braga

A Park for All, or a Park for Some?

How a small group of parks and rec staff called "parks ambassadors" became unlikely mediators in the growing battles over the city’s public space.

Map by William Davis and Tom Weatherburn

In this issue

Editorial by Tai Huynh with maps by William Davis & Tom Weatherburn

Mapping Our Divisions

A bird’s-eye view of Toronto in 2019 reveals a city where geography is destiny and a person’s postal code can be as telling as their medical chart.

Feature by Wendy Glauser

Why Aren’t the Doctors Where the Sick People Are?

It’s time to talk about Toronto’s health care deserts.

Local voice by Sabrina Sutherland

My Home, Moss Park

Life in a neighbourhood where death comes too often and too early.

Photo essay text by Craig Madho & Jen Recknagel photography by Nick Iwanyshyn

How We Eat Now

A quiet dinner while watching Netflix. A sit-down meal with a chosen family. Portraits of dinnertime across the city.

Feature by Kalli Anderson

Providing Care, Barely Getting By

Personal support workers are the backbone of the health care system. Why are they quitting to work in factories and at Tim Horton’s?

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