Inside the issue:

Editor's Letter by Nicholas Hune-Brown

The Value of Art and the Cost of Losing it

Toronto’s cultural institutions are reeling and its artists are struggling. What’s lost when a city no longer supports the arts?

Perspective by Soraya Roberts

Toronto’s Arts Institutions Are Crumbling and it’s Always the Same Story

The trouble at Hot Docs, TIFF, Artscape and the AGO are part of a larger failure in a country that doesn’t take art seriously.

Feature by Carl Wilson

The Life, and Slow Death, of the Toronto Arts Critic

Toronto once had a thriving ecosystem of cultural critics who prodded, inspired and annoyed both readers and artists. As the media sheds its arts writers, what does a city lose?

Essay by Dede Akolo

Building Your Own Art Scene

These four young queer artists couldn’t see a space for themselves in the mainstream Toronto art world. At Hearth, a thriving alternative gallery started in a downtown garage, they created their own.

Feature by Corey Atad

How to Make a Toronto Indie Movie

Kazik Radwanski is part of a cohort of local filmmakers changing Toronto’s cinematic identity. With his latest film, Matt and Mara, he’s trying to reach an international audience.

Feature by Aparita Bhandari

From International Student to Popstar

Harkirat Sangha came to Canada to study and ended up driving trucks. He’s now finding fame and fortune singing about it.

Local voice by D. Ahsén:nase Douglas

Not ‘Indigenous’ Enough

I’ve been told my paintings aren’t really “Indigenous art.” How the commercial demand for one specific version of the Indigenous experience pigeon-holes today’s artists.

Perspective by Graham Isador

Can Artists Be Parents?

For many Toronto artists, choosing a career in the arts and choosing to have a family can feel mutually exclusive.

Feature by Tamara Jones

Why Aren’t Arts Workers Unionized?

Behind every piece of art is a community of underpaid, idealistic gallery installers, box office staff, and technicians. Why arts work needs to be seen as real work.

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Nominated for National Magazine Awards
Feature by Ashley Okwuosa

The Realities of Renting While Black

Black renters have always faced discrimination in Toronto. The rental crisis makes it worse.

Profile by Nicholas Hune-Brown

Where Has Olivia Chow Been?

After almost a decade out of public life, years spent training grassroots organizers, the former NDP MP is leading the polls for Toronto mayor. What does Chow’s time out of government say about what she might do if she finds herself back in?

Feature by Richard Trapunski with photography by Christopher Katsarov Luna

“Canada’s Worst Obstacle Course”

Metrolinx has promised Toronto a more interconnected tomorrow. As it rips up some of the city’s busiest streets, is it paying enough attention to the safety and wellbeing of Torontonians today?

Data Feature by Adin Wagner

In Small Claims Court, Justice Delayed

While Ontario’s other court systems bounce back from their pandemic-era backlogs, analysis by The Local shows that “the people’s court,” where many low-income people seek justice, is lagging far behind.