A Local Pandemic

This pandemic is global, but the way we've experienced it has been hyperlocal. Confined to our neighbourhoods, different communities have been affected by the crisis in vastly different ways. Stories from one hundred days of lockdown across a sprawling city whose divisions have only grown more apparent.

Seven Days in Toronto

In Toronto last week, a single mom desperately tried to catch a Wi-Fi signal and a justice of the peace gave an exasperated lecture about phone etiquette in virtual court. A PSW broke down in her car and a teenager watched way too much Netflix. Seven stories over seven days—what it felt like during one week of a global pandemic.

The Lawrence Heights Issue

Lawrence Heights was built with a fence separating it from its more affluent neighbours. Today, it's the site of Toronto's largest redevelopment, but it remains a neighbourhood misunderstood by the rest of the city. Stories from a community in the midst of a transformation.

The Prisoner Issue

The view from Ontario’s prisons—where disease rates are high, lockdown is constant, mental illness is widespread, and the line between the health care system and the justice system seems to get blurrier every day.

The Parks and Rec Issue

Parks and leisure are essential to city life. In this issue, we explore the changing conceptions of how we play, document the joys and conflicts that take place within our commons, and ask a fundamental question: who are parks for?

The Geography of Difference

Toronto is a city of messy contradictions, where diversity is celebrated and divisions are too often ignored. In this issue we zoom out on the city—with maps and feature articles, personal stories and photography—to reveal truths about Toronto that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

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