2022 Local Journalism Fellows (clockwise): Sami Islam, Jason Herterich, Dhriti Gupta, Adele Lukusa

We’re excited to introduce our 2022 Local Journalism Fellows. The fellowship is a paid 12-week opportunity for emerging and aspiring journalists from communities underrepresented in Canadian journalism. Fellows will work alongside the editorial team as we prepare to cover the 2022 municipal elections—assisting with production, attending seminars, and producing an in-depth story of their own. After narrowing the field from dozens of impressive candidates, we’re thrilled to welcome Sami Islam, Adele Lukusa, Dhriti Gupta, and Jason Herterich to The Local.

Sami Islam

Sami Islam is a resident of the downtown Toronto neighbourhood of Regent Park. He enjoys telling stories about sports, popular culture, and the justice system. Sami has recently completed his undergraduate studies in journalism at Carleton University and will be beginning law school at the University of Virginia this fall.

Adele Lukusa

Adele Lukusa (she/her) is an arts and culture freelance writer, lover of Jamila Woods, and graphic design enthusiast. She is also a multimedia artist and her work can be seen in her recent projects and publications like The Little Book of Black Joy, Femme Art Review, Black Future Now’s Mapping Black Futures, She Does The City, and more.

Dhriti Gupta

Dhriti Gupta is a Toronto-based journalist and recent graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University’s journalism program. She’s passionate about longform writing, student press, and stories that explore identity. She’s worked with publications like Maclean’s and Metroland Media and has bylines in Exclaim!, This Magazine, The Dance Current, and The Eyeopener.

Jason Herterich

Jason Herterich is a freelance journalist, podcast producer, engineering graduate, and the former 2021 TD Fellow on Disability and Inclusion at The Walrus. He produced a radio documentary on invisible illness that aired on CBC Podcasts’ The Doc Project. Jason is interested in covering social justice issues impacting marginalized communities through a solution-oriented lens.

The Local Journalism Fellowship is made possible through the generous financial support of Galen Macdonald & Ellie Marshall.