Photo by Shayan Bararesh

The Local is an independent magazine exploring urban health and social issues in Toronto. It is a quarterly publication, with each issue focused on a specific theme. This edition will cover a range of important and under-reported urban Indigenous issues in Toronto.

We are looking for a Guest Editor to join The Local’s award-winning editorial team to lead story idea development, recruit writers, and participate in the general editorial process. It is hoped that the Guest Editor will also contribute a short editorial (700 – 1000 words) that will act as an introduction to the issue.

It is a part-time role that will begin January 2020, and end with the release of the issue in mid 2020. The Guest Editor can expect an average workload of one day per week, with higher demands towards the beginning and end of the period.

The Guest Editor will be supported through an Indigenous Editorial Fellowship worth $5000, made possible through the generosity of the Ben and Hilda Katz Charitable Foundation.

The role is open to Inuit, Métis, or First Nation individuals who have a strong connection to the Toronto region. If you are interested, send us an email by November 30, 2019 describing how you are suited for the role.