Sometime early next year, if Metrolinx is to be believed, the first train on the Finch West LRT will roll down the tracks.
The light rail line first envisioned under the David Miller regime, then endlessly delayed, will stretch from Finch West station all the way to Humber College.
It’s the quiet middle child of Metrolinx’s Toronto developments, overshadowed by more prominent projects closer to the downtown core like the Ontario Line and Eglinton Crosstown.
Cutting across swaths of the city underserved by generations of planners and politicians—from Jane and Finch to Rexdale—the 18-stop line promises to reduce commuting times and spur transit-oriented development.
Already, malls are being redeveloped, apartment towers that were once reliable sources of cheap housing are changing hands, and rents are on the rise.
Meanwhile, all along Finch Avenue West, construction has snarled traffic and made pedestrian crossings chaotic and outright dangerous.
How will the project change life in the city's northwest? Who will it bring in and who will it push out? The Finch West Issue is our deep dive into a corner of Toronto on the eve of transformation.
Welcome to Finch West.

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Editor's Letter by Nicholas Hune-Brown

Welcome to Finch West

The LRT doesn’t open until next year at the earliest, but it’s already transforming Toronto’s northwest.

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Column by Neville Park

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A Return to Pre-Budget Consultations

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Olivia Chow’s Financial Plan Takes Form

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A Leftward Tilt for the City’s Committees

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What Can Olivia Chow Do About Climate Change?

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Column by Neville Park

Tracking Olivia Chow’s First 100 Days as Toronto Mayor

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