Photography by Rodrigo Moreno

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Editor's Letter by Tai Huynh

Welcome to Lawrence Heights

The future of Toronto as an equitable, liveable city begins in inner suburbs like this.

Feature by Aparita Bhandari

How it Feels to Be “Revitalized”

A revitalization project promises to transform this public housing community into a mixed-income neighbourhood. But meeting the needs of existing residents while appealing to affluent newcomers is a difficult balance.

Feature by Sarah Boesveld photography by Rodrigo Moreno

The Picture Man

Thirty years ago, Rodrigo Moreno photographed neighbourhood kids for a school project. He's come back ever since, tracing the changing lives of people in a corner of the city few find worthy of documenting.

Feature by Phillip Dwight Morgan

Why a Health Centre Started Teaching Algebra

Pathways to Education's unconventional approach to community health starts with helping kids finish high school.

Feature by Shawn Micallef

Where the Spadina Expressway Didn’t Stop

Defeating the Spadina Expressway is a celebrated story of urban resistance. Less told is the story of the neighbourhood that has lived with a freeway running through its heart for the last fifty years.

Feature by Nicholas Hune-Brown

The Toronto Basketball Powerhouse Nobody’s Ever Heard Of

The kids don’t get free sneakers. The team has to haggle for gym time. The coaches are unpaid. So what makes Toronto Basketball Academy so good?

Feature by Aparita Bhandari

On the Food Bank Frontlines

With demand skyrocketing, distribution sites closed, and volunteers staying home, food banks are scrambling to keep Toronto fed.