Artwork by Lydia He

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Editor's Letter by Nicholas Hune-Brown

Last Week, In Review

As the first tentative positive signs emerged, it was tempting to look beyond the week—to try to trace the curve past where it flattens to the point it sinks beneath the horizon. It's too early for that.

Feature by Anupa Mistry

Monday in Lockdown, Without Wi‑Fi

As schools, government services, and life itself seems to move online, those without internet access are struggling to stay connected.

Feature by Kat Eschner

Tuesday in Allan Gardens, Where the Police Guard the Benches

With shelters crowded and drop-ins closed, the police and the homeless play a strange game of cat and mouse.

Feature by Wendy Glauser

Wednesday on the Front of the Frontlines

One is sick with COVID-19. Another has lost a quarter of her income. The personal support workers who care for our most vulnerable remain underpaid and underappreciated.

Feature by Simon Lewsen

Thursday in Virtual Bail Court

Overnight, almost every aspect of the justice system has transformed in the name of public health. So why are we still sending people to crowded jails?

Short Feature by Anna Fitzpatrick

Friday with Charlotte

Teens like Charlotte are caught in a strange limbo, their plans for impending adulthood put on hold as the world freezes in place.

Essay by Emma Healey

Saturday is Just Another Day

Every hour is a hundred years long, and each day is over before it’s begun. In a pandemic, everyone has their own personal theory on the passage of time.

Essay by Navneet Alang

Sunday in the Suburbs

The broad emptiness, the desolate streets, the deadening sameness—it turned out my parents’ suburban neighbourhood was the ideal place to live through a global pandemic.