About the Ward

Bordered by Steeles Avenue to the north, Highway 401 to the south, Victoria Park Avenue to the west, and Midland Avenue to the east, Scarborough-Agincourt is one of the most diverse wards in the city—81 percent of the population identifies as a visible minority and 66 percent of residents are immigrants. Affordable housing is a key issue in the ward, with 47.4 percent of households paying more than 30 percent of their income towards shelter costs. Incumbent councillor Nick Mantas won a by-election in 2021, after former councillor Jim Karygiannis was removed from office due to campaign overspending during the 2018 election.

Where the Candidates Stand

There are six candidates in the race for the Scarborough North city council seat, including incumbent Nick Mantas. In the 2021 by-election, which had a large ballot consisting of 27 candidates, Mantas won with just 27 percent of the votes. This is Mantas’ first general election, and he will be defending his seat against five challengers, Anthony Internicola, Serge Khatchadourian, Roland Lin, Antonios Mantas (no relation), and Bill Wu (see their fact-checked bios in the next section).

The matrix below provides a head-to-head comparison of where council candidates stand on key issues. The Local combed through city council records to review all the decisions made over the last four years and identified a dozen votes that are the most telling on different issues: homelessness, transportation, housing, policing, taxes, and the environment. We then sent the challengers a survey asking them how they would have voted on those same 12 motions, adding the results to what we already know about how Nick Mantas voted.

Firstly, four of the five challengers participated in the survey—permitting a head-to-head comparison among most of the candidates. However, since Nick Mantas was not a member of council for the entire four-year period, his positions on a number of issues are not known. Nick Mantas did not respond to The Local’s request to fill out the full survey.

Here are the takeaways:

  • On the issues that Nick Mantas was able to vote on, he sided with Mayor John Tory; Nick Mantas is also endorsed by Tory.
  • Anthony Internicola and Antonios Mantas participated in the survey but elected to not provide their positions on the majority of issues.
  • Serge Khatchadourian is the only candidate in favour of property tax increases.
  • Roland Lin is against motions calling for tax increases, as well as spending on toilets for encampments and policing.

Information in Candidate Tracker was compiled and written by The Local’s team of journalists and fact checkers. City council candidates were emailed a questionnaire asking for information about their history, experience, and plans. They were also surveyed about their stances on twelve key votes that took place in the 2018-22 council term. Not all candidates were reachable or responded. The Local also conducted its own research to independently source and verify information about each city council and school trustee candidate. If you’re a candidate whose information is not here, please email us at elections@thelocal.to. Last updated: October 22, 2022.

Contributors: Inori Roy, Ann Marie Elpa, Nikky Manfredi, Danielle Orr, H.G. Watson, Emma Buchanan, Dhriti Gupta, Zeahaa Rehman, Neville Park, Nicholas Hune-Brown, Tai Huynh, Craig Madho, Steve Combes, and Lia Mattacchione.