Map by William Davis and Tom Weatherburn

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Editorial by Tai Huynh with maps by William Davis & Tom Weatherburn

Mapping Our Divisions

A bird’s-eye view of Toronto in 2019 reveals a city where geography is destiny and a person’s postal code can be as telling as their medical chart.

Feature by Wendy Glauser

Why Aren’t the Doctors Where the Sick People Are?

It’s time to talk about Toronto’s health care deserts.

Local voice by Sabrina Sutherland

My Home, Moss Park

Life in a neighbourhood where death comes too often and too early.

Photo essay text by Craig Madho & Jen Recknagel photography by Nick Iwanyshyn

How We Eat Now

A quiet dinner while watching Netflix. A sit-down meal with a chosen family. Portraits of dinnertime across the city.

Feature by Kalli Anderson

Providing Care, Barely Getting By

Personal support workers are the backbone of the health care system. Why are they quitting to work in factories and at Tim Horton’s?