Artwork by Chief Lady Bird

In this issue

Editor's Letter by Kelly Boutsalis

Reclaiming the Story of Toronto

Introducing the Indigenous Toronto Issue.

Essay by Bee Millar

Seeing Myself in ‘Indigenous Toronto’

A new anthology traces the Indigenous history of this city, from pre-contact to present day.

Feature by Martha Troian

Emerging from the Long Shadow of Canada’s Indian Hospitals

From racially segregated hospitals to signs of Indigenous self-determination in health care.

Essay by Courtney Skye

From Six Nations to Christie Pits and Back

Moving to Toronto was overwhelming. But this foreign city is just another part of the lands my ancestors have existed on for generations.

Feature by Oscar Baker III

Honouring Black-Indigenous Bloodlines

For urban gardener Isaac Crosby, being Anishinaabe and Black is a double blessing.

Short Feature by Riley Yesno

Rewriting the Colonial History of Toronto, One Streetcar at a Time

Indigenous artist Philip Cote’s collaboration with the TTC is about much more than improving the morning commute.