With a population of 109,465, Beaches-East York includes the neighbourhoods of the Beaches, East Danforth, Upper Beaches, O’Conner Parkview, and part of Old East York. Just 32 percent of the ward’s residents are immigrants (compared to 47 percent city-wide) and only 34 percent identify as visible minorities (compared to 51 percent across Toronto). The ward’s incumbent councillor, Brad Bradford, was elected in 2018.

Information in Candidate Tracker was compiled and written by The Local’s team of journalists and fact checkers. Candidates were emailed a questionnaire asking for information about their history, experience, and plans; not all candidates were reachable or responded. The Local also conducted its own research to independently source and verify information about each candidate. Candidate Tracker will expand and be updated as the election campaign continues. If you’re a candidate whose information is not here, please email us at elections@thelocal.to. Last updated: September 27, 2022.

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