Illustration by Salva Modarres / The Local

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Editor's Letter by Nicholas Hune-Brown

How the City Is Failing Aging Torontonians

Toronto’s demographic shift was expected and predictable. But from housing to health care, it often feels like the city has been caught by surprise.

Feature by Inori Roy

Death and the Salesmen

As the city runs out of burial space, a series of boardroom and legal battles in the booming bereavement industry could determine the future of death in Toronto.

Service Journalism by Rebecca Gao

A Guide to Benefits, Tax Credits, and Rebates for Older Torontonians

Aging in Toronto is expensive. And while there are government supports for older Torontonians, finding them can be hard.

Feature by Wency Leung

The Trouble with Home Care

Aging at home is what people want, and what governments have long said is the key to easing pressure on the health care system. So why is home care so broken?

Feature by Jason McBride

When Seniors Wander

Each year, over 500 seniors are reported missing to the Toronto Police. As the city ages and dementia rates rise, what can we do to ensure older Torontonians get home safe?

Perspective by Marni Jackson

Biking at 77

I’ve cycled in Toronto all my life. But when I had an accident, and was forced off my bike, I suddenly saw the city with new eyes.

Feature by Brennan Doherty

After 20 Years, Torontonians Will Have to Wait Even Longer for an Accessible TTC

Until this September, the TTC reported being on-track to meet its 2025 deadline for provincially mandated accessibility improvements. The transit authority had two decades on the clock—where did it go wrong?

Feature by Erica Lenti

Recloseted at 80

Out of fear of discrimination, insensitive care, or even memory loss returning them to an earlier time, some LGBTQ2S+ seniors find themselves hiding their identities as they age.