We’re thrilled to announce that this week, The Local has been nominated for nine Digital Publishing Awards (DPAs) and three National Magazine Awards (NMAs)!

We had the third-highest number of DPA nominations across all publications, tying with the Toronto Star, behind only Radio-Canada and The Globe and Mail. Among the highlights, our publication was nominated for General Excellence in Digital Publishing, and our tenth issue, “Vaccinating Toronto,” was nominated for Best News Coverage (Community Publication).

“Vaccinating Toronto” was also recognized by the National Magazine Awards, where it was nominated for the Issue Grand Prix.

Among our staff, senior editor Nicholas Hune-Brown was nominated for the Editor Grand Prix, recognized for “the quality of the writing about vital humanitarian issues he brought to The Local, as well as the fact that much of it was produced by up-and-coming writers he personally helped coach.”

The nominating body added, “That generosity of spirit and community-mindedness is what will propel Canadian media out of its status quo.”

And at the DPAs, associate editor Inori Roy was nominated for the Emerging Excellence Award.

The DPA and NMA nominations capped off an extraordinary couple of weeks at The Local that included the prestigious Press Freedom Award, and three nominations for the Canadian Association of Journalists Awards.

Full list of nominations:

NMA Issue Grand Prix
Vaccinating Toronto

NMA Short Feature Writing
The Last 25 Percent” by Danielle Groen

NMA Editor Grand Prix
Nicholas Hune-Brown, Senior Editor

DPA Best News Coverage (Community Publication)
Vaccinating Toronto

DPA Best Feature Article
How the Laws Make Sex Work Less Safe” by Samantha Edwards
The Labour of Immigrant Women” by Fatima Syed
You Can’t Stop the Spread of the Virus if You Don’t Stop it in Peel” by Fatima Syed

DPA Best Feature Article (short)
Getting Vaccinated in the Holy Month” by Furqan Mohamed
The Last 25 Percent” by Danielle Groen

DPA Innovation in Digital Storytelling
Hot Spot Tracker” by Tai Huynh

DPA Emerging Excellence Award
Inori Roy, Associate Editor

DPA General Excellence in Digital Publishing (Small Publications)
The Local