Colin Mahovlich is one of 11 candidates running for the council seat vacated by Denzil Minnan-Wong. Photo by Yader Guzman.

From Toronto Election 2022:

Candidate Tracker

Toronto election candidates—in every ward, all in one place—starting with fact-checked biographies of council and mayoral candidates. Future updates will include school trustee information and head-to-head comparisons of where candidates stand on major issues.

Feature by Jason Herterich

Pulled Off Wheel-Trans and Forced onto the Subway

Cost-cutting measures will push thousands of paratransit users onto the TTC, with disabled and elderly riders forced into gruelling bus and subway trips.

Analysis by Daniel Rotsztain

Ward Profile: The Next Councillor of Ward 9 — Davenport Will Need to Bridge Divides

In a ward spanning the inner suburbs and the inner city, a new crop of candidates try to go beyond the right-left political narrative.

Feature by Tai Huynh

How Toronto’s Councillors Became Nearly Unbeatable

The numbers don’t lie: this city’s incumbency advantage is the worst in North America.

Feature by Dhriti Gupta

The Gaping Holes in Our Election Accountability System

Who keeps Toronto’s elections honest? Just the motley collection of activists, weirdos, partisans, and nerds who use the compliance audit system.

Indigenous Toronto Stories:

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