Illustration by Steph Truong

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News by Nicholas Hune-Brown , Inori Roy and Tai Huynh

Olivia Chow is Mayor

Chow becomes the first progressive mayor in 13 years, the first female in the role since amalgamation, and the first non-white leader in Toronto history.

Profile by Nicholas Hune-Brown

Where Has Olivia Chow Been?

After almost a decade out of public life, years spent training grassroots organizers, the former NDP MP is leading the polls for Toronto mayor. What does Chow’s time out of government say about what she might do if she finds herself back in?


Candidate Tracker 2023

The only place to find fact-checked biographies, election platform summaries, and voting record analysis for all candidates running for Toronto mayor in the June 26, 2023 by-election.

News by The Local

Results from Toronto’s Mayoral By-Election

Real-time results from every ward, starting at 8 p.m. on election night.

Feature by Richard Trapunski , H.G. Watson and Kunal Chaudhary with photography by Chloë Ellingson

How the Election Looks From the Suburbs

Toronto mayoral elections are often decided far from the downtown core. Here’s what matters to voters in three key suburban wards where the race could be fiercest.

Profile by Jason McBride

Who is Ana Bailão? Depends Who You Ask

The former councillor has been criticized for her allegiance to John Tory and a career of political compromise. But some housing advocates see something different: a savvy, effective consensus-builder. Is Bailão's brand of pragmatism enough for voters looking for bold change?

Profile by Navneet Alang

The Transformation of Josh Matlow

Once an ardent centrist, the midtown councillor has tacked a course to the left in recent years and is now running as progressive truth-teller. Can a politician change? Can a city?

Analysis by Neville Park

How Toronto’s Mayoral Candidates Plan to Address the Housing Crisis

From staying the course, to supply-based approaches, to getting the city back in the business of building, here’s how Toronto’s mayoral hopefuls promise to fix housing.

Analysis by Ashley Okwuosa

The Chief Concern with Mark Saunders

Toronto’s former police chief has run his campaign for mayor almost exclusively on a law and order platform. In a city grappling with its relationship with the police, does Saunders’ service record help or hinder his chances?

Analysis by Brennan Doherty

Where Toronto’s Mayoral Candidates Stand on Public Safety

It's one of the city's most complex policy problems, and a political lightning rod. Here's what the platforms of frontrunners in the mayoral race—Olivia Chow, Mark Saunders, Josh Matlow, Mitzie Hunter, Brad Bradford, and Anthony Furey—say about making Toronto safer.

Perspective by Denise Balkissoon

Toronto Needs a Mayor Who Can See Through the Smoke

Climate change is an urgent municipal issue. Here are the mayoral hopefuls taking it seriously, the deniers posing as delayers, and the long-shot candidate with the best environmental platform.