Illustration by Steph Truong

Just eight months after the last election, Toronto will head back to the polls on June 26. In a wide open race at a pivotal moment in the city’s history, voters are faced with a real choice among a range of candidates from across the political spectrum, each with a very different vision for Toronto.

From Ana Bailão to Josh Matlow, Olivia Chow to Mark Saunders, The Local’s Candidate Tracker is the only place to find reported, fact-checked biographies and platform summaries for all 102 candidates—reporting that cuts through talking points, analyzes policies, and compares the voting records of former councillors with one another and former mayor John Tory. Candidate Tracker is a living document, with regular updates right up to voting day. Bookmark it now and keep checking back.

You can also find a printed version of Candidate Tracker at your local public library.

Information in Candidate Tracker was compiled and written by The Local‘s team of journalists and fact checkers through independent research and verification. The Tracker will be regularly updated as candidates register and expand their platforms. If you’re a candidate whose information is not listed or up to date, please email us at Last updated: June 19, 2023.

Contributors: Inori Roy, Emma Buchanan, Rebecca Gao, Heidi Lee, Ramona Leitao, Nikky Manfredi, Danielle Orr, Neville Park, Ashleigh-Rae Thomas, H.G. Watson.